A Fresh Start

Welcome! I’ve been a part of the Internet in one way or another for almost 20 years, but with this blog, I am making a fresh start. This blog is going to be dedicated to sharing my thoughts about being a writer, my personal challenges and hopefully provide entertaining reading and advice for others out there in a similar situation. All of the photography posted on the site will also be mine, but I want to primarily focus on my writing rather than other pursuits.

By way of background, I have applied to the NYU Low Residency MFA Program in Paris, and, if I am accepted, I will blog about my projects and the experience of attending and completing that program over the next couple of years. Granted, the majority of the program will take place in my home town as I continue my job as an attorney, but hopefully there will still be interesting blogging to be had. In the meantime, I am signed up for some workshops that are smaller in scale, and I am in the idea generation phase for a series of novels.

In a truely selfish fashion, I am going to use this blog to force myself to write more not just stories but also just keeping myself accountable for my progress. I am sure that no one will ever see this first blog, but you have to start somewhere, right!

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