I Pirate WHAT?!

I really admire David Sedaris, because he can actually making a living publishing personal essays. I particularly enjoyed When You Are Engulfed in Flames, as I spent five months living in Japan studying law there during a semester of law school, and I have an entire gallery of bizarre images appropriately titled “Weird Japan.” His essays resonated with me a lot, and I think any foreigner spending significant time in Japan will come to understand the isolation that you eventually feel living in a place where you can never fit in no matter how long you are there.

As an aside, the featured image for this post was an actual shirt that I photographed while shopping in Ueno. The store marketed itself as a vintage American men’s clothing store, although, being born and raised in America, I can tell you that  a raglan t-shirt with a black sparkly skull with a gold eyepatch on it that says “I pirate f**k” would have very specific appeal here in the U.S.

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