Scrivener Shout Out

I am still in the free writing/outline portion of my story development, but I wanted to write a bit about Scrivener. I purchased Scrivener quite a whole ago, intending to chuck my basic word processor for an application with additional flexibility. For quite a whole, I made almost no use of the application, but after finally taking the time to properly go through the tutorial (which, by the way, us interactive, included with the application and excellent), I can definitely say that I have hopped into the Scrivener bandwagon.

I still prefer hand writing for the initial free writing sessions. There is something focusing to me about pen on paper, even though I am faster at typing and achieve results with less hand cramps. It is probably my age. As someone in their mid-thirties, I only learned to type at age eleven be wise my mother insisted that I practice typing on our old PC the way other parents insist on piano lessons. This definitely paid off for my typing smile, but back then, much writing was still done by hand. Deplorable penmanship aside, I still feel like thoughts sometimes flow more freely through a pen than keyboard.

With that digression concluded, back to Scrivener. I really like that the application allows you to shuffle scenes and chapters, does numbering for you and lets you compile various versions of the manuscript. I also appreciate the tagging capability and ability to keep research, ideas and discarded scraps of writing for the project all in one file. I use images as inspiration to build my world, and Scrivener will even store different kinds of media. If you want a flexible work flow system and you have the nominal amount, I definitely recommend the application.

Note: Scrivener has not offered me anything to make these statements. I purchased my copy through the Apple App Store like everyone else.

About the Photo: The featured image was take in Oahu, Hawaii in August of 2009.

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