And it Devolved Into a Discussion About Biryani

Well, not much to report here, except that I have been preparing for a workshop beginning soon. My story arc for the first novel of my Compendium Series is beginning to gel nicely. I can even see where it is going in future novels and have started to have ideas for plants to begin as early as the first novel. I also think my theme is deepening and developing, and I feel the world starting to come alive in my head. I’m 20% of the way through a book on writing fantasy and sci-fi novels. I am primarily reading this book for the world building advice. As this is the first time I have to come up with an entirely new world for a novel, I think I could use some help getting organized and touching all the areas that need to be addressed in my outlining phase.

It will probably be another 30 days or so before I actually start the first draft of my first Compendium book, but I am already thinking that I may post my daily word count on my twitter account (@alia) so that I can have some public accountability for my progress. We will see. I just wish I could download my brain into a novel and share it immediately. That’s how exciting it is. Of course,  it needs to marinate for a bit, and then it needs to be prepped carefully and meticulously, and then it finally needs to bake. Not sure what I’m making here, but it’s probably a really nice biryani! If you have not had biryani, and you at all enjoy Indian cuisine, I highly recommend giving it a taste when you next visit an Indian restaurant.

About the Photograph: This is a photograph taken in May, 2006 of bindi pigments at a market outside of Bangalore, Karnataka in South India (may have actually been in Tamil Nadu – we were traveling between Bangalore and a farm in Tamil Nadu that day).

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