I Wrote a Novel (First Draft Done)!

Compendium_jacket 300dpiWell, I have officially written a novel now! I just typed the last scene of the first draft of COMPENDIUM, and I can check writing a novel off of my bucket list. I’m super excited, but I know how much effort is going to have to go into the second draft, so I am at the same time daunted by the prospect of revisions. Still, it feels amazing to have made it all the way through the first draft, which I have heard (and hope) is the hardest to finish. At 95,100 words and 425 manuscript pages, I truly have to pat myself on the back for having come this far. I suspect that the final draft that gets submitted to agents/publishers will be over 100,000 words because I have already thought about additional scenes that may need to be added on the second go around. Either way, at this point, I just have to savor the victory of getting through the first draft and give myself a little bit of time to decompress before I begin revision. I do think that I am going to print out the entire book though, so that I can hold all of those pages in my hand and truly appreciate all of the effort that went into this first draft. I am no Brandon Sanderson with 2,000 manuscript pages, and I honestly don’t know how he does it, but my 425 feels like I climbed Mt. Everest nevertheless. Also, as some inspirational eye candy, this post contains a mock up of the book cover that my partner created. The book jacked is meant to reference the Compendium itself. So, now I’m going to collapse into my bed, because it is past 1:00 a.m., and I just finished writing a novel!

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