Final Book Cover for Compendium!


Although Compendium is still in edits, my partner has finalized the book cover design, both front and back. She’s actually finalized the book cover for the next book as well, but I haven’t written it yet, so that makes it hard to do the back blurb. I suppose that just means that I have to get my butt in gear. If it’s too small to read in the image, the blurb text reads:

On the heavily forested planet of Lumin, the network has slept, dormant, for over six hundred cycles. Only a select few remember that it resides beneath the crust of the planet, waiting, and for them, the battle for Lumin’s future has raged in the shadows.

When Mia Jayne’s path crosses with an ancient volume in the Archives of the Order of Vis Firmitas, the battle moves from the shadows into the light. Compendium opens up a world of knowledge, and, for the first time since arriving at the Order, Mia has the key to reclaim the freedom she lost to the Order. To do so, she must choose between her conscience and her heart.

Conceived against an ailing world of fantastical beauty where long-lost technology tips the balance between extinction and survival, Mia must remember that there is always a choice, and that makes all the difference.

Now I have to update the Willowslip Press page to include the new blurb and revised initial chapter.

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