On Happiness

When I think about this calendar year objectively, it’s hard to justify calling it the happiest year of my life, but it is. As it stands, it’s been 7 months since I last saw the love of my life in person, and our visa process has been fraught with hiccups and challenges and remains ongoing even as I type this. The stress off all of this on top of dealing with family issues, building a business from the ground up, paying for a wedding, and the resultant health issues that have sprung up in the wake would make anyone question whether they are truly happy. Between Bell’s palsy and colitis, my body may be questioning it even if my heart and mind are not.

But I choose to turn this picture upside down. I have so much love and so much worthwhile in my life that juggling it is causing stress. That stress takes a toll, but it reminds me that my life is full of great things. So, I’m slowing down temporarily to take care of my body, but I know that being stressed out because of all the great things that are happening is better than being stressed out because of all the horrible things that are happening.

My body may be reminding me that I need to take care of it along with all the other parts of my life, but that’s okay, because this is still the best year of my life, and I can’t wait to enjoy all the things to come.

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