Why I’m choosing to Launch My Next Novel With Publishizer

As an attorney, a novelist, and an entrepreneur, I know I’m equipped to go independent with my next novel. I released my first novel, Compendium, under my own imprint, and it sold over 13,000 copies, in ebook, paperback and audiobook. It won multiple independent book awards, received over 140 reviews on Amazon and was even picked up for two Bookbub campaigns that actually made me money, since they were paid campaigns.

This result wasn’t easy, cheap, or quick. I expended resources to find and pay a great editor. I hired and paid an excellent voice artist for my audiobook. I worked with my now ex-spouse to design the cover jacket art, a trailer video, and additional branded materials. I spent money on a blog tour, Bookbub ads, and other less successful marketing dollars. I applied to contests and ran a Goodreads Giveaway to help bolster reviews. All of this effort and energy paid off. The book did well! At one point, it hit number 2 in the Amazon Best Seller list for Science Fiction & Fantasy, behind only Harry Potter and the Cursed Childand number 1 in the Science Fiction category. That day, I hit number 1 overall in Amazon authors for Science Fiction, right above George R.R. Martin and 6 overall in Fantasy and 71 overall on popular Authors. All of this was accomplished without a distribution deal or traditional publisher. I’m not throwing these numbers out there to brag, but rather to point out that with hard work, resources, and savvy, authors can be successful on their own.

So the question for me became, “Do I actually want to do this alone?”

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