You Might Eat Organic Has a Home!

I’m super excited, because this week, Northwest Review, finally released their Winter 2021 edition with my short non-fiction piece in it. The piece is title “You Might Eat Organic, but You’re Fully of Baloney.” This piece is the very first piece I’ve written of creative non-fiction, and I’d been trying to find it a home since mid-2017! It actually was a finalist for The Malahat Review Open Season Prize, but it was rejected countless times before Northwest Review accepted it. I was shocked and honored to be accepted by such a storied journal, and I CANNOT WAIT to receive my copy of the edition. If you’d like your own copy, feel free to visit their site and buy one yourself. It also features poetry from Major Jackson, who I am also honored to be included in a journal with.

Also, in case you’re wondering about this image, it’s a kingfisher bird I painted using gouache. I’ll try to include some of my paintings in future posts.

As for other news, I’m hard at work trying to make my Ocularum deadline for SOOP, so please bear with me on new content! I have a lot of other fun stuff in the works, as well, including a new legal advisory group geared towards creatives and entrepreneurs to help other authors, artists, professionals and small businesses get excellent, flat-fee legal representation on transactional matters! I will post more information and links as additional info becomes available.

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